The Unreal Engine 2019 keynote, day1

The Unreal Engine 2019 keynote just ended with several new Unreal Engine announcements.  Just like we did with Unity and Google, we have created a condensed version of the keynote presentation available here and embedded below.  Highlights of this keynote include a new mega-grant program worth over $100,000,000, additional exclusives to the Unreal store, a Humble Bundle partnership, new and completely free online services we previously discussed here, the new Chaos physics system, Live++ hot reloading in C++ and more. 

01:20 - 05:22        TIM SWEENEY
                             Founder & CEO, Epic Games          
                             Company vision 2018-2019 
                             [read more]

05:22 - 11:10        CHRIS DYL
                             Director - Platform, Epic Games
                             Company vision 2018-2019 
                             [read more]

11:10 - 17:00        KIM LIBRERI
                             CTO, Epic Games
                             DEMO Reel _Unreal Engine 4
                              [read more]


17:00 - 19:50        VLADIMIR MASTILOVIC
                              Director, 3Lateral & Epic Games
                              [read more]

20:00 - 25:30         TOBIAS DAHL
                              Studio Co-Manager
                              Goodbye Kansas Studios

                               FREDRIK LOVING
                               Studio Co-Manager
                               Goodbye Kansas Studios
                               BJÖRNE LARSON
                               Deep Forest Films

25:30 - 32:05        NICK PENWARDEN
                              Director - Engineering
                              Unreal Engine, Epic Games

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